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"Wrestling Parents"


By Dr. Bill Welker
Parents in wrestling are courageous -- it's true,
They feel all the pain that their child must go through,
At home, when he diets, they wish it could stop,
Yet know he must do it to stay at the top.

Excuses for losing they will not endure,
"Don't blame the ref, son, because of the score,
The coach, he will show you the best way to move,
Keep working in practice if you want to improve."

At dual meets, you'll see them breathing a prayer,
As their boy must compete with no one else there,
Whatever the outcome - mom cheers with deep pride,
While dad -- you will notice - wants to be right by his side.

They'll drive to a tournament many miles away,
To witness a child who's prepared for this day,
Their boy, he has trained, with all of his might,
Having dreams of becoming a champion tonight.

But should he fall short, at his corner you'll find,
A mother and father -- supportive and kind,
They teach that through wrestling he'll learn about life,
Yes, living is filled with both triumph and strife.

Now if you are searching for people who care,
Just look by a mat, they'll always be there,
Such love for a sport is truly inherent,
That's why we salute The Wrestling Parent.



• Don't impose your ambitions or expectations on your child. Remember that wrestling is your son's activity.
• Be supportive no matter what.
• Do not coach your son. Your job is to support your son no matter what. Conflicting advice and criticism work against the coach's effort and only serve to confuse and de-motivate your boy.
• Get involved. Your son's team (and FM Wrestling Foundation) needs your help and support. Attend parent and club meetings to find out how you can help. And most importantly, show your son that you care by attending as many meets and tournaments as possible.
• Do not criticize the officials. Unless you have been there, you have no idea how challenging officiating can be. Except that in some matches your son could lose as a result of an error on the part of an official or score keeper. That's life. Help your son understand that the official does their best to score the match fairly, and that it is important that we respect the ruling of the officials regardless of how we feel about the situation.

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