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Fundraising Events

We need to have a bunch of these to raise the money needed to help support the FM School District's wrestling teams! We need your ideas and suggestions (or just a big fat check if you can help with that too!)

The Main Event ! Mark Your Calendar!

The newly founded Fort Mill Wrestling Foundation will host The Main Event, Standing Room Only on, November 29, 2012 against Nation Ford. This will be held in conjunction with Nation Ford vs. Fort Mill varsity home dual match starting at 7:00 pm.

The objective of the Main Event is two fold. First, to help raise funds (we're hoping a bunch!) that will assist the Fort Mill Wrestling program with expenses, and secondly, to educate and raise awareness within the Fort Mill student body and community about the successful Fort Mill Wrestling program.

This Main Event has been approved by Head Coach Chris Brock and FMHS Principal Dee Christopher.

All of the Fort Mill School District wrestlers will benefit from this event!